Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moving Into Our New Blog

Hello, ladies!  Thanks for agreeing to participate in this upcoming adventure...

I want us to make our blog reflect who WE are, so please, by all means, make yourselves at home.  If you've got the html skills or knowledge, knock yourself out. :)  Make any changes you'd like.

We have 7 of our 12 members moved into this blog as of now.  My plan is to make us all administrators so that all of us will have the power to delete spam comments and do all the other maintenance that blogs require.

How about we start posting some pictures and links to quilts that inspire us?  Especially quilts made with linen?

I'll do some surfing and see if I can find pictures of quilts that strike my fancy...  You do the same!


  1. That is such beautiful linen!! I love the colors!!

  2. I agree. Very nice.

    I wish I had a closet FULL of it!

  3. mmmmmmm. Chocolate brown!