Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finding Inspiration

Just a few short months ago I never would have given using linen in a quilt a second thought. I was a cotton snob and that is all I would consider. Then I went looking for a quilting bee to help occupy my time and give me a reason to try different things. After finding and joining a couple bees I got an invite to the Lovely Linen Bee. At first I thought I might pass, after all I'd never sewn a quilt with linen before. Then I started to look around flickr and the blogosphere and found a lot of beautiful items using linen. The more I looked the more I loved about it, so I happily accepted the invite and have been waiting in anticipation of the first project to begin.
While waiting for the first month of our bee to start I've been collecting links and pictures of quilts that inspire me. The more I see the more I love and thanks to all the wonderful people who take the time to share their work, I've found tons of inspiration and reasons to love linen.

1. Field Day Linen Quilt with Striped Binding, 2. Modern Linen Quilt, 3. Mini-Pinwheel Quilt, 4. Spring Quilt, 5. Katie Jump Rope and linen pillow, 6. mini quilt sparkle binding, 7. Quilt for baby Britton, 8. Art quilt, 9. Vespa Quilt Finished, 10. UHG item #2 - hotpad, 11. G&H's Wedding Quilt back, 12. Close up of Quilting, 13. Spiderweb Mini Quilt, 14. Modern Linen Quilt - Front, 15. Pop Flower Quilt - Urban Home Goods Swap - starting to quilt, 16. Pacific NW calm quilt top, 17. Mini Quilt Sparkle, 18. purple green orange quilt, 19. Flutterby reversible mini quilt, 20. mini quilt


  1. Thanks for sharing all that inspiration Jennie.

  2. I'm with you. Former cotton snob. :)

    Reformed now!