Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spider web quilt

This one will be my favorite yet...

And we are making it for this sweetie:

Don't you think he needs a nice heavy quilt? It is COLD here in Kansas...

He actually has several quilts, but none are as big as this one will be.


  1. He is so cute. I have a son who sleeps the same way.....with his leg crossed and up in the air. So funny seeing your picture!! Can't wait to make the quilt.

  2. :) Thanks, guys! He sleeps less than I do. Always jumping around and playing in his room late into the night and goes and goes until he collapses. I wish I had a fraction of his energy. Rarely even naps! I nap every chance I get!

  3. What a cutie! My almost 3 year old just started crossing his leg like that and it cracks me up. So cute to see your son! Thanks for sharing!